For Schools

Artists in Schools grants fund arts and cultural projects for Manitoba students, Kindergarten to grade 12, delivered by professional artists.

About the grant

While the project is a collaboration between artists and the teacher, school staff do not submit a grant application. The partnering artists submits the grant application.

Artists in Schools grants can cover up to 100% of project costs, including paying the artist, arts supplies, travel and accommodations, and more. However, we recommend that schools also contribute 20% of the project expenses.

A school can only participate in one project per school year.

To be eligible, your school must be listed in either the First Nations Operated School Directory, or be a funded independent school, or a Manitoba public school.

How to participate

1. Find an artist to work with

You can do this many different ways:

  1. Work with a professional artist you already know. They must have a valid profile in Manipogo, our online application system, before they are able to apply.
  2. Search our Artist Listings. These artists are recognized by the Manitoba Arts Council as professionals in their field. Each listing contains an artist’s name, their artistic medium, what languages they speak, which regions of the province they are willing to work in, examples of their work, and examples of past projects.

2. Plan your project

Start planning your arts or cultural project with your artist partner.

Once you and your artist have a plan in place, they will submit a grant application. Note: the teacher does not write or submit the grant application.

However, you will need to confirm your participation in the project and send your artist a completed School Commitment Form, signed by your Principal. The form indicates that all artists and collaborators listed in the application have been approved by the school to work with students. Your artist will send you a link to the PDF from Manipogo.

3. Wait for the results

You and your partnering artist will be notified as to whether the application was successful or not at the following times:

  • June deadline: mid-August
  • October deadline: mid-December

Artists in Schools grants are competitive, which means we may not be able to fund all submitted applications. Funding decisions are based on an external peer review panel of educators and artists. Each application is assessed on impact on the students, teachers and school community, and feasibility.

4. Complete your project

Work with your artist and classroom to deliver the best-possible arts or cultural project!

5. Give feedback on your experience

MAC will send you a survey once the project is complete. This is a good opportunity for you to provide us with feedback on your experience with the project and the granting process.


For assistance, call 204-945-2237 or (toll-free) 1-866-994-ARTS (2787) or email