About Artists In Schools

About the Artists in Schools Program

Bringing together professional artists with students and teachers across Manitoba

For over 40 years, Manitoba artists have helped foster the imagination of countless students through the Manitoba Arts Council’s Artists in Schools program. This program brings artists to the classroom to provide arts-enriched learning experiences to Manitoba students from nursery to grade 12. 

Projects funded through the Artists in Schools program bring together the unique vision and energy of professional artists with the creative potential of students and teachers. Educators and artists work together to offer either a short-term or three-year project. The Manitoba Arts Council offers a grant that can help cover most of the costs of the project.

About the Manitoba Arts Council

The Manitoba Arts Council is an arm’s-length agency of the Province of Manitoba, established in 1965 “to promote the study, enjoyment, production and performance of works in the arts.” The Council makes awards to professional arts organizations and individuals in all art forms including theatre, literature, music, dance, painting, sculpture, architecture or the graphic arts, and includes other similar creative or interpretative activity, including arts education. The Council uses a peer assessment process in making awards. Historically, the main criterion used to assess an application is artistic excellence.