Motivating and exciting students to realize the full potential of who they can be.

The Artists in Schools program brings artists to the classroom to provide arts-enriched learning experiences to Manitoba students from nursery to grade 12. Educators and artists work together to offer either a short-term or long-term project.

The Manitoba Arts Council offers a grant that can help cover most of the costs of the project.


“As students put it, the most rewarding part of working with Joan was the way she connected art to their life. It wasn’t just art for art’s sake – for the sake of something beautiful – but rather an attempt to get students to observe and think about their life, their environment and their culture.”

—Kathy Waldner, Decker Colony School, 2018-2019 project with Joan Trott

“This project reinforced for me what young kids are capable of when given the time, teaching, and equipment. It taught me that I have a huge desire to learn more about sound and video art personally for my own practice. I know that my own life-long learning in regards to my art practice can only deepen my teaching in a public school.”

—Barb Bottle, Margaret Park School, 2018-2019 project with Kayla Jeanson, Joel Mireau, and Leah Decter

“[The students] are having outrageous fun while engaging in valuable learning experiences in dram, performance, personal expression, creativity, literature, visual arts and theatre… The benefits to the students are undeniable and almost immeasurable.”

—Steve Smith, Centennial School, 2016 project with Carrie Costello