For Parents

Q: Why should my child have an artist come to their school?

A: Sadly, many schools have little to no dedicated arts programming. A visiting artist gives your child a chance to discover new skills, new talents and new ways of learning about themselves and the world around them.

Q: What if my child’s school already has regular art/music/dance/drama classes?

A: Artists in Schools provide students the opportunity for in-depth artistic explorations with working artists, enhancing and enriching their regular studies.

Q: How do I get an artist to come to my child’s school?

A: You may know an artist who you would like to have in your child’s school. Connect them with the principal or your child’s teacher and encourage them to apply for an Artists in Schools grant. You may also look for the type of artist you would want your child’s school to collaborate with by using MAC’s Artist Listing. Speak to their teacher and the school principal about the positive benefits Artists in Schools brings to their arts education. 

Q: I’m a professional artist, can I be an artist in my child’s school?

A: Yes, you will need to collaborate with a teacher or principal in the school to develop the project and submit an application. If you do not already have a profile on Manipogo, MAC’s online application system, your first step must be to register. 

Visit MAC’s blog for a step-by-step tutorial on creating a profile.

Q: Are the artists trained to work with children? How did they get to be in this listing?

A: Artists register to the Artist Listing because they value working with children in the school setting. The information they provide in the listing may describe what their training and experience is, and what types of projects they have previously completed. The Manitoba Arts Council verifies that all artists are professionals in their discipline. However, the artist is solely responsible for all content in their listing. Artists are required to meet the school’s security clearance requirements when they apply for the grant.

Q: How can I learn more about what my child is doing during Artists in Schools programming?

A: Communicate with your child’s teacher, and with the principal. Ask them to inform parents of the activities taking place, and how the artist is contributing to your child’s education.

Q: My child has special needs; how will they be supported during the session(s)?

A: Your child’s teacher, EA and/or resource teacher will be responsible for ensuring your child is supported in their participation in artist-led activities. It is the teacher’s responsibility to support the artist in creating a climate that encourages students to be actively involved in the project.

Q: Participation may be stressful for my child with special needs – are they obliged to participate?

A: Your child’s teacher and/or EA will assist the artist in planning for the successful inclusion of all students. They will know if or when your child would be better served by a different activity.

Q: How is the Artists in Schools program funded? Do the parents have to contribute? And will my child be unable to participate if we can’t afford to?

A: Artists can apply for funding from the Manitoba Arts Council to cover up to 100% of eligible project costs, but the collaborating school and school division are encouraged to contribute revenue to cover additional project costs. Some schools may ask parents to contribute to material costs.  If this is the case for your school, speak with your child’s teacher or the principal.