Maureen Winnicki Lyons


Craft, Visual arts

Grade Level: pre k, k, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Language: english

Regions: Norman, Parklands, Interlake, Westman, Central Plains, Pembina Valley, Eastman, Capital Region



Through MWLminimakers and Wool Mountain, we offer workshops, classes and lessons on working with textiles and natural dyeing in schools as well as businesses and organizations in and around Manitoba, and host our own in-studio: textile arts such as tapestry weaving and needle-felting; hand-spinning, wool value and preparation, working with natural dyes, botanical prints, using food waste and planning dye gardens, and in mixed media with acrylic inks and fabric paint to specific and unusual effects. We can be found regularly as Wolseley Wool in Winnipeg, teaching sold-out classes in textile arts, and have led lessons at Grosvenor School and Ecole Leila as well as at Patent 5 Distillery, to name only a few from 2022. We were also awarded a week-long retreat to hone our craft practice by Manitoba Craft Council, and featured in a Winnipeg Free Press article in February 2022 about our participation in the inaugural One Year One Outfit Challenge held by the Pembina FibreShed


Maureen Winnicki Lyons work sample Maureen Winnicki Lyons work sample Maureen Winnicki Lyons work sample

Project Samples

Botanical Prints, Inks and Natural Dyes

Using only petals, roots, leaves, bark, bugs or seed, we create stunning, colourful light- and wash-fast designs on organic cotton or wool in the form of yarn. Focus on how-to grow your own dye plants, incorporating food waste into art, and planning dye gardens with edible components such as vegetable dyes

Introduction to Tapestry Weaving

Participants are introduced to tapestry weaving and provided all the tools and materials to create an appropriately-sized, achievable project of significance for their homes

Needle-felting 101: Cookie Cutter Critters

With little more than a felting needle and tufts of wool, students discover how astonishingly easy it is to create forms by deliberately tangling fibre such as wool. After years of working with beginners of all ages, we begin the lesson using cookie cutters which are then filled with wool to help achieve shape but also provide a barrier between the felting needle and tender fingers


I have had the pleasure of having Maureen Lyons run an art workshop in my classroom. I teach grade 2 at Grosvenor School. The year she worked with my class, there were 25 students. She led them through the process of how to paint a variety of designs on rock surfaces. She was well prepared, with all aspects of the task...table coverings for my desks, a variety of paints and colours, hand-outs where students could follow the step by step procedure of how to do the task, and practice design sheets

—Catherine Rankin Banks, Grade 2 Teacher, Grosvenor School

Maureen's mixed media work is characterized by the combination of colour and texture, a touch of whimsy and fine craftmanship. Her workshops provide clear and calm instruction with encouragement for emerging artists to add their own flourishes. A fun and engaging experience!

—Tallula Wilkie, Parent, Grosvenor School

I have participated in a number of craft nights (making wreaths and other things) with Maureen and her family, it is always a well orchestrated and enjoyable experience. The consideration and planning she puts into sourcing an abundance of options for materials and the necessary tools we need to carry out the crafts, facilitates a well organized and enjoyable crafting experience I would highly recommend.

—Cole Wielgosz, Graphic Artist and Business Owner, Winnipeg