Guady Serrano-Diez


Literary arts, Theatre, Other

Grade Level: pre k, k, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Language: english, Spanish

Regions: Capital Region



Storyteller & Writer. Born in Mexico (1977), she lives in Winnipeg since 2009. She performed at MTYP, Kids Fringe(Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival) and at private events in Mexico and Canada (both English & Spanish). She joined AIS in 2020 and has done her storytelling workshop at Our Lady of Victory School(2020) and Ecole Sacre Couer(2021)
Education and Work background includes:
BA in Spanish (2001), Storytelling Diploma (2002) CreativeWritingDiploma(2007)and a MA Cultural Studies (University of Winnipeg 2010).
Worked as: Creative Drama Group teacher, writer & director of 20 theatre plays with the Government of Mexico City's programs and Drama Teacher at EDGE, afterschool program, through the Seven Oaks School Division.
Guady is also a Spanish teacher and leader of Girl Guides of Canada since 2009 and at Guides of Mexico.
Guady has a natural empathy with children and enjoys seeing them grow and become their best version of themselves through their imagination & talents.


Guady Serrano-Diez work sample Guady Serrano-Diez work sample Guady Serrano-Diez work sample

Project Samples

Storytelling Workshop

Storytelling Workshop "Discover the Door of Imagination": Duration: six sessions (one hour each one). This workshop is divided in three steps: Discover/Listen, Create/Prepare and Present/Share. At the beginning of each class storyteller will perform a short story and the children learn how to tell a story. Next step is to prepare stories using drama exercises in order that the children can tell their stories at the end of the workshop. On the last day, students will present their stories and are expected to be a good audience by listening attentive and respect others' work. This workshop is a way for children to explore their potential and to create in a safe environment. As an option, if the children prefer to write their stories, we can collect them all and make a collection. This workshop is also related to Creative Writing Workshop

Creative Short Story Workshop

Creative Short Story Workshop "Use your Magic Pen" :Duration six sessions (one hour each one). Students will learn the basics of a story and it's parts. They will develop a story map and create their own short story. Artist will use music, prepared topic cards and images to boost the children's imagination. Those children that don't know how to write or have difficult doing it make a picture book. The collection of stories will be in an anthology that will be at the school library. The last day, those students who want to share what they created will be able to read out laud their stories and the anthology will be presented. Children will be encouraged to respect others' work through being a good audience and in this way the students can use their imagination in a welcoming environment where everyone matters. This workshop relates to the Storytelling Workshop.

A taste of Mexico - stories, culture and traditions

In this workshop students will learn about Mexico and it's culture including stories, dance and crafts.


“I liked a lot the class with Guady because it was very exciting” (Sofia Fernandez-Couto, 9 years old). "The children loved the storytelling. They were very engaged and enjoyed writing and telling their own stories. It was a wonderful how Guady collected all the stories and made a book out of it. Students love take the book out during silent reading time".

—Mr. Gerald Marion - Principal Our Lady of Victory School. January 2020

“Guady Serrano Diez is a storyteller who brings stories to life with joyful enthusiasm. Her kind and caring nature endears her to all those who listen to the stories that she has to share”.

—Storyteller Jamie Oliviero May 27, 2019.

“I love having Guady as a storyteller each year, because her gregarious, enthusiasm is contagious to her listeners. She shares stories from other countries, and this allows the audience to envision themselves there - they don't have to know they're learning social studies! It's easy to engage our own imaginations as we hear the stories, and the children's responses.

—Xiam Webster Kids Fringe coordinator May 30, 2019