ash alberg



Grade Level: pre k, k, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Language: english

Regions: Norman, Parklands, Interlake, Westman, Central Plains, Pembina Valley, Eastman, Capital Region



ash began facilitating workshops and classes in 2005 at manitoba theatre for young people. in the 15 years since, they have taught toddlers through adults, with the first 10 years focused on theatre creation and the last 5 years focused primarily on textiles, becoming known across canada and into the states as a natural dyer specializing in local colour palette exploration and the ethics and considerations that go into that (including decolonizing their practice as a descendent of settlers and indigenizing mindsets with regards to plant relations).
ash is a member of the queer community and approaches all of their workshops and classes through an intersectional feminist lens and with a focus on harm reduction and maintaining safe spaces for all students, regardless of age.
ash has taught across canada and in the uk. ash has a BA with honours from dalhousie university and an MA from royal central school of speech & drama in london, uk.


ash alberg work sample ash alberg work sample ash alberg work sample

Project Samples

natural dyeing 101

students will learn about science and art simultaneously as ash teaches them all about the magic of natural dyeing with plants and bugs. with the potential for local foraging (depending on time of year and location) and/or discussing local dye plants to be grown at school for an extra project, ash will teach students about the importance of local textile production and its role in combatting climate change. depending on the age of students, we will spend different amounts of time on colour theory, natural rainbows, plant identification, ethics and logistics of foraging, the chemistry behind natural dyeing, and the economic and environmental impacts of supporting a local textile economy.