Vanesa Harari

Vanesa Harari


Visual arts

Grade Level: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Language: english, Spanish

Regions: Capital Region



Vanesa was born and raised in Argentina. As an artist and anthropologist, Vanesa believes in the process of creating art as an important component of identity and self-expression. During her career, she has explored a diverse range of arts expression that includes ballet, piano, visual arts, photography, literary arts, and craft.

Vanesa has worked for over 15 years in arts and education in Buenos Aires and Winnipeg, creating and implementing different identity/art programs for children and youth from different cultures, backgrounds, religions, traditions, and countries.

Project Samples

Trip to Argentina's imaginary Land

We explore some unique characteristics of Argentina's landscape through the artist own photographs and discover some of the Argentinean architecture as an inspiration to create a colourful imaginary place collage.

Human Rights Art Project

This workshop focuses on some past experiences of the artist growing up in a Military Dictatorship and lessons learned. How some artists represent the symbolism of freedom and human rights to get inspired to produce their own piece of art.

Identity Art Project

Review the family history, traditionas and work on the meaning of their name, genalogy and creat a family tree art piece.


Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your art work with the students. They were very engaged in the activity and learned many aspects about art and Argentinean culture.

—Patrick Tytgat. Art Teacher. Andrew Mynearski School