Heather Martens Rempel


Visual arts

Grade Level: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Language: english

Regions: Norman, Parklands, Interlake, Westman, Central Plains, Pembina Valley, Eastman, Capital Region



Before becoming an “artist in the school” three years ago, Heather Martens Rempel taught junior high and high school art for over 18 years. While enjoying creating and teaching in many mediums, Heather has found the gel-plate to be the most accessible medium for students of all ages and abilities. She has been able to spread the joy of mono-printing with a gel-plate in schools around the province as well as at community art centers and teacher conferences. Heather takes great inspiration as an artist/educator in the power to open others’ eyes to the visual beauty and utility of found objects in nature and the built environment.


Heather Martens Rempel work sample Heather Martens Rempel work sample Heather Martens Rempel work sample

Project Samples

Monoprinting with Gel-Plates

Over the course of 3 hours students experiment with colour mixing and rolling the paint onto a gel-plate. They create textures and patterns in the paint using a variety of discarded materials like cardboard, bubble wrap, egg cartons, coffee cups, string etc. Prints are pulled from the gel-plate, creating a 15cmx15cm mono-print. Students also learn how they can transform prints they think weren’t successful. With the resulting collection of 20 plus prints students spend 2 hours making a variety of projects of their choice, such as postcards, books, collages or mobiles.

Collaborative Mural Project

After creating a collection of mono-prints with a gel-plate, students create a project that has been designed by the teacher and artist and is based on a curricular theme. For example, a class mural could be made reflect their exploration of different countries or cultures, or a science theme of bio-diversity. These projects also target sustainability outcomes by exploring waste management and single use items, as these are materials that are used to create art. Students will also learn how artists like Eric Carle and Julie Flett make their illustrations.

Individual Book Project

After creating a collection of mono-prints with a gel-plate, elementary students could use them to create collage pieces that could illustrate stories they have written. Junior and senior year students could use them to illustrate reading/writing journals using a variety of graphic organizer and collage techniques.


"This workshop provided my students with more than just a new printmaking technique--it allowed them to play and experiment with the form while learning and exploring the medium. Students were engaged throughout the workshop during demonstrations and creation time. Gel-Plate Printing is such a forgiving art-form! As students return to their prints days and weeks later, they see new possibilities in their prints."

—Tanya Polasek Drama/English teacher

My grade twos and I loved printmaking with Heather Martens Rempel while she was our Artist in the School. The art form is easily accessible and engaging for all ages. Heather’s instruction was kind, encouraging, and well paced. She scaffolded each step in a way that allowed grades 1-12 students to flex their creativity and experiment at each stage of the process. My students had the opportunity to create and keep a large collection of unique prints that we used for multiple art projects.

—Megan Ellis grade 2 teacher

"This is so satisfying!"

—grade 5 student