Franklin Fernando


Music, Visual arts

Grade Level: 10, 11, 12

Language: english, Sinhalease / Tamil

Regions: Norman, Interlake, Pembina Valley, Capital Region



Franklin Fernando is a dynamic and prodigious multi disciplinary artist who lives in Winnipeg, Canada. A native of Sri Lanka, born of Sinhalese and Tamil ancestry, his fine visual art is prolific in its range. His style includes large scale murals and oil paintings of iconic portraits, landscapes, and political messaging.

Franklin's artwork has been shown in exhibitions all over the city of Winnipeg. His latest mural honours members of the Canadian Air Forces Snowbirds, and has received national press. In 2019, his Folklorama mural won Best Mural of the Year by the city of Winnipeg. His detailed website offers a small peek into a vast body of work, created for the sales of his original pieces. Franklin also teaches oil painting technique for independent workshops, industry events, and for youth mentorship programs. You can listen to the latest sounds of his collaborative musical partnerships with the band StereoTabu, via Youtube. His latest singles are titled Hold On, and One Life.


Franklin Fernando work sample Franklin Fernando work sample Franklin Fernando work sample

Project Samples

Spontaneous Sketching

The workshop will focus on the principles of using sketching and shadowing to create a simple three dimensional art piece. step 1 - Drawing simple shapes such as circle, squares and triangles. learning the importance of free handing by freely drawing lines to create desired shapes on sketching paper. during this process the students will learn the importance of bold and imperfection lines in creating their shapes. Step 2 - Figuring out the desired direction of light source. Students will have the choice in deciding their direction of light on their drawn shapes. Furthermore the shadowing will follow the opposite direction of the light source. for an example ; you have drawn a circle and you decide your light source is top right corner , in order to create a three dimensional ball out of the circle you need to shadow the opposite bottom left corner of the circle and keep shading from very dark to light in order to capture light in your drawing.