Visual arts

Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12

Language: english

Regions: Norman, Parklands, Interlake, Westman, Central Plains, Pembina Valley, Eastman, Capital Region



Owner/operator of Uncle D's airbrushing & design since 1996. Specializing in airbrushing for Motorcycles, vehicles, helmets, signs and murals and have work for various companies and clients across North America. I have taught classes on regular basis at Artist Emporium plus programs for Graffiti gallery and various high schools in Manitoba. My work has been featured in magazines, internet & TV shows.


DALE LAWRENCE work sample DALE LAWRENCE work sample DALE LAWRENCE work sample

Project Samples


Teach students how to use airbrush properly and how to clean it plus all the parts. Paints, cleaners, additives, materials will also all be covered along with application, mixing, shading and masking through a series of projects.