Chelsey Mark


Media arts, Theatre, Other

Grade Level: k, 12

Language: english, Mandarin Chinese

Regions: Norman, Parklands, Interlake, Westman, Central Plains, Pembina Valley, Eastman, Capital Region



Chelsey Mark is a Manitoba Chinese/Metis mixed-heritage actor, writer, director and producer. His filmmaking recent works include Birdman(2019), Bratya (2017), Mai China Life (2018) and Becoming Bruce (2016). Recent Acting credits include Tales from the Hood 3(Universal), Burden of Truth (CBC) Tales from the Loop (Amazon Prime) and Tribal (APTN).

Experience working with Young people
-Substitute teacher: Taught K-12 in the Mountain View School Division.
-Motivational speaker: Spoke and held workshops for Universities in China and Asian heritage Society of Manitoba.
-Uncle Chelsey: Involved of my 3 nephews and niece for the last 12 years.

Previous activities relevant to Arts Education:
-Actor Craft: Booked constant acting roles on big productions in the last year.
-Attended workshops: Relentlessly taken every film and acting course offered by Winnipeg Film Group, Creative Manitoba and Film Training Manitoba


Chelsey Mark work sample Chelsey Mark work sample Chelsey Mark work sample

Project Samples

Authentic YOU

Learning to be the authentic you in everyday life is a hard task. Chelsey will teach students to be comfortable in their own skin through film acting techniques and activities. Grades K-12

Short film 101

Social media video is a huge part of success and happiness in our lives. Chelsey will teach students the basics of making short film’s which is applicable to all video platforms. Grades 7-12

Acting for film

Becoming a professional film actor is now a reality in Manitoba. Chelsey will teach students the secrets to becoming a film actor and the casting process. Grades 10-12


“Chelsey is an amazing educator, presenter and performer – his energy and great ideas are inspirational."


"The support and guidance through the narration recording gave our daughter extra confidence and motivation to read more often."


"After realizing how many years he has been in the business, Chelsey's acting and personal professionalism was encouraging as an emerging filmmaker.."