Carrie Costello

Carrie Costello


Theatre, Visual arts

Grade Level: pre k, k, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Language: english, Spanish

Regions: Norman, Parklands, Interlake, Westman, Central Plains, Pembina Valley, Eastman



Carrie Costello has worked as a puppeteer with and for young people since 2000. She has taught students from three to fourteen years old in schools, summer camp and weekly classes. She has toured throughout Canada, the United States and the world with Theatre for Young Audience shows.
Carrie has worked as an Artist in the School in Manitoba since she moved here in 2015. She has worked in schools throughout the province to take students through a carefully guided process to create puppets and use them to learn puppetry skills. Carrie understands the Elementary and Middle school audience well and can carefully change the program to suit the needs of a diverse classroom.
Carrie believes that art can be used across the curriculum to reinforce learning and create opportunities for children who learn in different ways.


Carrie Costello work sample Carrie Costello work sample Carrie Costello work sample

Project Samples

Puppet Play! (K-3)

Students will focus on children's books for inspiration to make puppets and participate in guided stories. Each of three books and the puppet the students make are chosen to highlight one of the three skills of manipulating puppets; voice, movement and focus. For example Julia Donaldson's book 'The Snail and the Whale' might be used to practice voice, comparing the voice a snail might have and what a whale might have. The books used in the program change depending on the themes/topics that the teacher has chosen, but the framework for teaching the three skills, with each building on the next, remains the same.

Puppet Play! (Grades 3-8)

Students will follow a guided process to create puppets and use them in stories. The program begins with simple puppets for the students to practice building, and gradually engages them in a design process to create a movable hand puppet. Students use their puppets in scenes they create to practice story elements with conflict and a beginning, middle and end. Each puppet and scene they create will highlight one of the three skills in puppetry; voice, movement and focus.

Make Your Own Puppet Play!

Taking books or topic of the classroom's choice, we create puppets and practice a short play to tell these stories. Older students can create their own ideas for plays. We have a community performance with a small audience, as well as we share between classes within the school. This program requires 10 hours of puppet work per class.


Carrie is fabulous! She has an excellent understanding of students, how to interact and respond and what they need. She allowed for all students to feel successful, regardless of strengths. She connected with all types of learners; visual, kinesthetic, auditory, musical, artistic. I highly recommend having her and this has been thus far one of my favorite experiences with Artists in the School!

—Grade 1-2 teacher Winnipeg Beach School

Artist was well-prepared, totally knew how to teach students about puppetry. [The program] was hands-on, making puppets that they could keep was a highlight for students. Students actively engaged the whole time and were excited to try new things. [The program] challenged the students to go outside their comfort zones.

—Grade 5 teacher Gretna Elementary School

Beyond measure, I was so impressed each and every day at her patience, energy, gentle manner and organization. I witnessed several student come to life like I had never seen them participate previously. I heard children say 'what do you mean puppets are over, oh no, that can't be!'

—Educational Assistant, Adaptive Skills Program, Wolseley School